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Welcome to YF Link
The goal of this site is to help newcomers familiarize themselves with the YF Link ecosystem.
Hot update: A full and complete rebrand of everything including the logo, name, branding is happening right now!
We are called Varen now, and the new token is VRN!
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Our mission

YF Link was created to empower $LINK and $YFL holders ("LINK Marines") by creating a self-reinforcing DeFi ecosystem that aims to innovate, add value and push the boundations of decentralized finance (DeFi) while generating revenue for $YFL holders and the YF Link community.

The $YFL Ecosystem

$YFL is an income generating asset and a governance token that sits at the heart of the multi-faceted YF Link ecosystem. $YFL holders earn fees from all parts of the YF Link ecosystem. The flagship product of the YF Link ecosystem is Linkswap.
Other YF Link ecosystem products that have been deployed:
  • Ren bridges – integration of RenVM for cross chain interaction with BTC, DOGE, ZCH, etc.
  • Wafflehouse – a blockchain game built on the Harmony L2 network.
  • YFLUSD – an algorithmic stable coin.
  • LINKPAD – a VC fund which started at YF Link and has since gone private.
  • LINKCHECK – ethical auditing service.
  • YFL NFTs – series of NFTs having been either distributed as LP incentives or auctioned.
Experimental products that are under development or being planned:
  • SPROUT – a token presale platform.
  • LINKLEND – a lending and borrowing platform (development paused).
  • MemeTeam – an app to post and vote on memes.

The $YFL Tokenomics

The $YFL token's contract address is 0x28cb7e841ee97947a86B06fA4090C8451f64c0be .
$YFL is an income generating asset with only 50,000 YFL tokens in circulation. By staking in the governance vault holders earn revenue from all parts of the $YFL ecosystem. Most importantly, all governance rewards are paid in $YFL, which is market bought during distribution events before being distributed to governance stakers. This buy-back mechanism combined with its fixed supply creates consistent buy side pressure for $YFL.
$YFL Staking earns;
  • a share of LINKSWAP trading fees (~17% of the trading fee, or 0.05% of the total trade cost)
  • 80% of ALL token listing and protocol fees on LINKSWAP
  • 70% of investment profits from LINKPAD's Sovryn investment
  • 50% of fees from the LINKCHECK service
Liquidity Providers (LPs) - earn LP fees (~83% of the trading fee, or 0.25% of the total trade cost) and LP rewards
Want to learn how to stake your $YFL tokens and start earning rewards? Head over to the Staking & Voting section

Other Resources

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